WLAN Pi Case

This case bundles up a WLAN Pi into a nice, handheld formfactor that makes it feel more like a handheld tool than a kit that you have to assemble whenever you arrive onsite to do Wi-Fi work.

How to Get

What's that? You just wanna buy one? Great! If you already have a silver WLAN Pi and just need a case kit, you can get one here:

If you don't have a WLAN Pi at all, and need the whole thing, you can get an assembled and tested one here:

If you have a 3D printer, and want to print your own, you can find the models and instructions here:


If you've 3D printed your own, or just need to know what goes into the WLAN Pi, here are all of the parts you need to assemble it.
*Note that the older black WLAN Pi is not compatible with this case, as it does not have a USB port in the correct location for the Wi-Fi adapter.

**This specific microUSB to USB-C cable is required. The case is designed specifically for it.