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Does the Apple Airport Extreme use VLANs?

Short answer: yep! Long answer: It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Apple AirPort Extreme . Whenever friends and family have Wi-Fi problems at home, I get on Craigslist and buy a used Apple AirPort Extreme for them. I love their high-quality 3x3 radios, simplicity, and reliability. In a few cases, I've set up more than one at a time. If we're lucky enough to have some ethernet in the house, I might use two or even three AirPort Extremes to provide coverage everywhere. One as a router, and the other one or two as just "access points". Apple calls this "extending with Ethernet" in the AirPort Utility. One thing I've always wondered about: how does the AirPort Extreme separate guest network and "internal" network traffic? I figured that it was likely to be VLANs, but without a PCAP, I couldn't be sure. I picked up a couple of A1354's (that's the 4th-generation, 2009 version with 3 spatial streams) to deploy for