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The WLAN Pi Handheld Case

I'm a huge fan of the WLAN Pi , but who in the Wi-Fi community isn't? Whether you're using it as an iPerf throughput testing endpoint, performing wireless packet captures from it, using as a remote Wi-Fi scanning sensor, or capturing client device capabilities, the WLAN Pi is quickly becoming the community-driven Swiss Army Knife of Wi-Fi engineering. The only real problem with the WLAN Pi is its formfactor. When you arrive on site, you need to pull the Pi itself out of your bag, connect a Wi-Fi adapter, power it via USB, then  you can start using it. Now don't get me wrong, the modularity of the WLAN Pi is a really good thing , but it does make it feel less like a tool, and more like a kit. On the other end of the spectrum is the NetAlly LinkSprinter, which you can just toss in your bag when you're done using it. No disassembly required. That's where the WLAN Pi Handheld Case comes in! Keith Parsons, who among many things, teaches Wi-Fi troubleshooting cour