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Enabling Zoom on macOS

At WLPC in 2018, I presented on packet analysis, or spectrum analysis, or something... but nobody cared, because during the presentation, I used the keyboard zoom feature in macOS to zoom in on areas of interest during live demos. That really grabbed a lot of people's attention! I've received a lot of questions about how I do it, so here's how! 1. Open System Preferences (the fastest way is to press command  + space , type Preferences, and hit enter) 2. Open Accessibility 3. Go to Zoom 4. Check Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom 5. To zoom in: Hold down the control  button, and scroll down either using two-finger scroll on your trackpad, one-finger scroll on your magic mouse, or scroll with whatever mouse you have 6. To zoom out: Hold down the control  button, and scroll up