Welcome to the PotatoFi Blog, where I blog about tech, projects, fixing stuff, and potato-grade Wi-Fi.

I use this blog for not only sharing my thoughts on tech and Wi-Fi, but also as a public notepad. If I think I might not remember how to do something (and if I think it might help someone else out), I throw it on the blog so I can come back to it.

I hope it helps you out!

My friend Nick and I do a podcast called "Hidden Node", where we talk about tech, hobbies, projects, and sometimes Wi-Fi. If you like my blog, maybe you'll like the podcast. Check it out here!

Certifications: Mobility+, ECSE Design, ECSE Troubleshoot, ECSE Advanced, CWNE #233
Twitter: @Potato_Fi
LinkedIn: Joel Crane
Email: joel@potatofi.com