I'm going to keep this super-short, no time for fancy introductions. As COVID19 is taking hold, our supply chain isn't strong enough to keep our medical and essential workers supplied with personal protective equipment.

Over in Czechia, the company that I buy my 3D printers from worked with their government healthcare organizations to create a 3D-printed face shield. It's two plastic printed parts, a plastic shield, and a piece of elastic. It's highly optimized for 3D printing, and it has been tested by medical professionals all over the world.

Over in Huntsville, Alabama, the community created an organization to 3D print, collect, sanitize, and deliver face shields to the people who need them. As a side effect, we have a template to follow to do the same here in Idaho.

Everything that is happening in this video? We're doing it.

BSU led the charge, and while I don't know how many face shields they've delivered, I think it's well over 1000. Their delivery was super rapid, they did that (and probably more) in a week! #IdahoFightingCOVID is working closely with BSU as a parallel effort to broaden the scope. We want to make and provide face shields to anyone who needs them, prioritizing medical workers, and then working out to essential workers, like cashiers at grocery stores and anyone else who is on the front lines.

Yesterday, we received requests for 310 face shields, and we have just barely, barely gotten the word out about this.

We need your help. We need people with 3D printers and know-how to print parts and deliver them to drop-off points. We need someone to co-ordinate drop-off points! There's a pre-defined process for how to sanitize parts - we are going to need multiple people to organize and run sanitizing lines. Get the people together (legally and as safely as possible), get the equipment, go. We need people to assemble the face shields. We need people to deliver them.

All of this needs to happen rapidly. As you can see, this isn't a community effort for geeks with 3D printers, we need all kinds of help to make this happen.

If you want to help, please go fill out the Volunteer form on our website. If you know anyone who needs PPE, please send them to our website, and ask them to fill out the Request form.

We'll be in touch with you as soon as possible, because we're going to need your help.