Wi-Fi Resources

This page contains some of my favorite resources for all things Wi-Fi. I'll add more items over time.


Mike Albano's Client Database - A database of client device channel support and capabilities.
MCS Index - A table of 802.11n and 802.11ac data rates (of which there are many).
Eye P.A. Coloring Scheme for Wireshark - Implements Eye P.A.'s coloring scheme in Wireshark to make 802.11 frames easier to tell apart.


Clear to Send Podcast - My absolute favorite Wi-Fi podcast. Rowell and Francois talk about what's new in the world of Wi-Fi, and they offer educational episodes that break complex topics down into understandable pieces.


Revolution Wi-Fi
Great White Wi-Fi


CWNA Study Guide - My go-to reference for anything Wi-Fi. Both an awesome study guide and certification, the CWNA should be first on your list.
CWSP Study Guide - This one has some pretty thick, technical areas, but if you want to learn exactly how Wi-Fi security works, this excellent study guide is the place to go.
802.11n Survival Guide - 802.11n added a lot of complexity to 802.11. This book helps unravel those additions in a clear and understandable way.
802.11ac Survival Guide - Just like the 802.11n guide before it, this book will help you understand what is new in 802.11ac.

802.11 Amendments Worksheet

During Wi-Fi training,  I go through these with students on a whiteboard (cell by cell) to illustrate how the each amendment connects back to the original standard.

802.11 Amendments Worksheet
802.11 Amendments Worksheet (Filled)